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Craig Bauer - Wee Whisky ConnectionWelcome to The Whisky Connection. We’re glad you are here. We started this site because we love whisky and technology. So, we started building something to help people discover, find and enjoy these amazing whiskies and distilleries. This site is our interpretation  of the best whiskies in the world.

While we live in New York City my wife and I still have many family and friends in Scotland which lands us there quite often, visiting as many distilleries as possible. Here you will find our personal experiences, photos and videos of the whiskies and distilleries we choose and lots of whisky info in the blog.

We invite you to join us as we discover more and more whiskies of all kinds. We are passionate about whisky and we love to see how these fine spirits are made as well as learn the rich history of the process and meet the people who make these fine whiskies.

We hope this will help you feel that what you find here is indeed some of the best in the world. You will only find the best whiskies on this site.  So please enjoy and feel free to contact us for any reason. You can also find us on instagram (check our feed below.) We love to partner with people and help out fellow whisky lovers.

The Wee Whisky Connection does not sell any alcohol, we only offer info including where you can find these products all over the world.

Coming Soon: Wee Whisky Shop – will sell swag such as flasks, t-shirts and more cool stuff.

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