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What is Whisk(e)y


Whisky (or whiskey) is a distilled spirit made from fermented grain as well as normally matured in wooden containers for some amount of time.

Where It Originated From

Whisky can be made anywhere in the world. Particular nations– like Scotland, Ireland, the USA, and Canada– have laws that control its manufacturing. Obtain the information in our Instant Specialist guides.

How It’s Made

To get a full understanding of the whisky-making process, see “Just how Whisky Is Made.”

Whisky vs. Whiskey

The “e” or lack thereof in the word’s spelling is totally orthographical. Whisky is scotch is whisky. Specific nations favor one spelling over the various other– as an example, Scotland and Canada constantly utilize “whisky,” while Ireland and the USA often tend to prefer “bourbon.”

Please enjoy this short but amazing video of how scotch whisky is made!

Whisky Types

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  • Scotch Whisky – There are hundreds of operating distilleries in Scotland, but every one must mature its product in the country for at least three years and one day, using oak casks.
  • Irish Whiskey – Most Irish whiskey is made in a pot still and distilled three times, as opposed to the more common Scottish double distillation, and is famed for its smooth character.
  • Japaneese Whisky – Nearly 100 years old, the Japanese whisky industry offers traditional flavours like peat, but also includes new, innovative elements such as aging in plum wine casks.
  • American Whisky – This is a spirit made from any cereal grain including rye, corn, barley and wheat. Around a third of American whiskies are bourbons.
  • Bourbon – To be a Bourbon, the whiskey’s mash must contain at least 51% corn, and the resulting spirit always has to be matured in new oak casks, although there is no minimum for how long. Those aged for at least two years are called Straight Bourbon.

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