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The Fighting 69th Irish Whiskey In Time For St. Patrick’s Day

  • Posted by: Craig | March 17, 2020

The Fighting 69th Irish Whiskey In Time For St. Patrick’s Day

  • Posted by: Craig | March 17, 2020

We tried Fighting 69th Irish Whiskey at Whiskey Fest in Jersey City a couple months back. We were very impressed and immediately started seeking it out. While there’s no direct Colorado Springs connect for this new whiskey on the market you can currently get it if you are in the United States by clicking here — a timely release ahead of St. Patrick’s Day!

The Fighting 69th Irish Brigade

However we are a military town, and a dollar of every bottle sold will be donated to the 69th Infantry Program Historical Trust, which assists veterans and their households. And we are a whiskey town, based off the successes and major awards won by our local whiskey makers such as Distillery 291 and Axe and the Oak. And the brand representatives behind The Fighting 69th will be taking part in the Colorado Springs St. Patrick’s Day Festival, I’m told.

The Fighting 69th “Irish Brigade” routine is among the oldest and most honored military units in the history of the United States … founded in 1849 as a New York City State Irish Militia … now a U.S. Army infantry routine [that’s battled] in significant engagements from the Civil War to modern day Iraq and Afghanistan.”

When it comes to the spirit itself, it’s made entirely from barley and malted barley and sees a triple distillation in copper pot stills prior to getting at least 3 years to rest in “once used Bourbon casks.” The business then does a secondary aging on “a range of other casks,” consisting of single- and double-char barrels in addition to oloroso, port and rum sherry casks.

The last whiskey is mixed from a mix of all those, but for all that variety, the taste doesn’t talk to any separately in regards to something like vanilla or caramel notes. From our tasting, we noting a quite hot nose for an 80-proof spirit but it drinks sweet and smooth. We didn’t get to checking any cocktails with it yet, but should you get a bottle quickly.


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